Artwork Guidelines


If you understand the difference between vector & bitmap artwork then please send us vector based artwork, if not give us a call & we’ll give you all the help & advice you need.

We can accept almost any file format for artwork. If you want to check then please give us a call.


If the job includes fonts it is worth checking that we have the font on our system, if we don’t have the font you can either send it to us (we’ll tell you how), ‘embed’ it within the file or the text can be “Converted to paths / outlines”.

Again, if you’re a little confused then we’re just at the other end of the phone to talk you through it!


If accurate colour reproduction is required then a colour original or proof must be supplied for us to check colours against. If possible Pantone or RAL colour references should be given.

Media Formats

You can email artwork to us at or put it on a CD, DVD or USB flash drive & stick it in the post, or, you could even bring it personally to our offices in Ringwood.